Ronnie Marmo

Originally from Brooklyn, Ronnie Marmo moved to New Jersey at six years old. At twenty four years old you could hear him say that he always knew in his heart that he would be an actor, but hadn’t found the time to do it yet. He and his mother had an actor friend who they wanted to support, so they went to see him in every community theatre play in New Jersey. Ronnie would leave these shows lit up with excitement and his mother tried to convince him to audition. His mother died of cancer in 1995, and Ronnie finally called that actor friend to ask if he could audition for the next play. He was cast in the unlikely role of the evil farmer in Hide and Seek at the Edison Valley Playhouse. He hasn’t looked back since.

His acting career began with leading roles in Italian American Reconciliation and Lusting After Pipino’s Wife. He was recognized for both plays by the New Jersey ACT with awards for outstanding lead male actor. He won the Cable ACE award in 1997 as the host and producer of the Documentary of the Year. He then joined the Broadway National Touring Company as “Tony” in Tony N Tina’s Wedding where he got married eight times a week for a year.

Go West, Young Man

Ronnie knew his mother was running the show from heaven and that she would want him to follow his dream. He decided to drive his 1985 Toyota Tercel to Hollywood and pursue a career in acting, never giving a thought to a “plan B” if it didn’t work out. Ultimately he landed the role of “Moof” in the MGM movie, Deuces Wild.

Ronnie was looking at his checkbook and had just told his friend that he only had 68 cents left in his account when he got the call saying he got the part. But while most people would say “I got a job, now I can relax”, Ronnie said, “I got a job, lets start a theatre company.” They lovingly named it the 68 Cent Crew. Ronnie has produced, directed and/or starred in dozens of plays, including the critically acclaimed Bill W and Dr Bob, which has played to many sold out audiences. He enjoyed a six month run starring as “Lenny Bruce” in the one man production of Lenny’s Back . . . and boy is he pissed.

Life in LA

Since arriving in LA, Ronnie has starred in numerous films and enjoyed a 2-year run on General Hospital as Ronnie Domestico.

He has also written several scripts, both for the stage and the screen. His favorite is the semi-autobiographical story, West of Brooklyn. The 68 Cent Crew produced the play for the stage and received critics pick from the L.A. Times, L.A. Weekly and Backstage West. Ronnie adapted West of Brooklyn as well as produced and starred in the film for the screen and 68 Cent Features. It can be found on DVD. He produced and starred in the movie.

Ronnie has worked on a dozen films in 2015 alone. A complete list of Ronnie’s work can be found at IMDB.

Still Working with Plan A

Ronnie’s philosophy has always been that you have made it when you say you have. And he spends every day doing what he loves most. He says that if he had any sense, he’d probably be doing something else, but thank God he doesn’t know any better and he doesn’t feel he has a choice. There is still no “plan B” for Ronnie Marmo.